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23 June 2008


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I gave her my heart, she gave me a pen.

"I don't want to buy anything, or sell anything, or process anything. I don't want to buy anything sold or processed, or sell anything bought or processed, or process anything...bought, sold, or processed."

LLL! (Long Live Lloyd!)

Kickboxing. Sport of the future.

I think I'm still waiting on my Lloyd Dobler. Perhaps in the meantime I'll try to raise little Lloyds.

Oh yeah...his voice does sound really crappy. Lets think positive, perhaps he's joined a punk rock band or something.

I just said perhaps twice.

Ditched in the Malibu! Heinous!

I'm telling myself the voice is naturally low+4 a.m. drowsiness, not smoker's low rumble. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps. Yes, Lloyd would want us to be optimistic, I think.

p.s. as Klosterman points out, with lots of swear words, is that everyone's still waiting on their Lloyd Dobler. Nice to think he's out there, though.

Huh? What is up with the commentary on John Cusack's voice? It is kind of high and squeaky, just like mine. You want cigarette-burned vocal cords, listen to Marianne Faithfull.

16 Candles, that is where John and Joan begin, sweet flick. Now, I am some how culturally naive yet again, 'cuz I never saw nor remember hearing about "Say Anything" yet it is a cultural phenomena. Damn. Gonna reserve a copy pronto.

cough, cough...


John's voice used to be higher, but now it's kind of low and gravelly. I'm sure it's not a problem, I just worry about our boy Lloyd Dobler. He's no Sylvia Browne or anything. Have you heard her talk? Holy crap. How she's still walking around I have no idea.


Loved 16 Candles, loved The Sure Thing, loved Better Off Dead, loved Say Anything. I can't wait until you see it so we can discuss Lloyd.

Um, and those of us born, say, before 1965? OK, I'd fit in real well in Britain (younger men . . .)

No worries. The appeal of Lloyd Dobler transcends all ages and times.

Aren't you proud of those Brit women? About all we have to counter it here is Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins, and that's old news.

I have never seen "Say Anything." Nor have I wanted to. I'm perfectly content in my ignorance.

His voice is nothing. You should hear my voice. It's ridiculously deep. People comment all the time. "My god, you should be on radio!" I'm a heavy smoker, too, though I don't think my voice has anything to do with my habit.

He sounds like Michael Madsen. Madsen, I know, smokes a lot.

Well, Brandon, you're not really the target demographic for "Say Anything," or really "romantic comedies" in general, so that makes sense. The whole point of "Say Anything" is really swooning over John Cusack, so unless you're into that, I can't really recommend it to you.

He also references being tired, so that may be affecting the gravelly nature of his voice. I don't know that smoking is the cause, or if he still smokes, but if I want to worry about Lloyd Dobler's health, dammit, I will. :)

When you desire achievements as badly as you desired the air, then you're going to get it. That's the secret to triumph. Do you believe so?

It is never too late to learn.

Everything comes to him who waits

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