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26 June 2008


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Anne-Marie Duff, you lucky lucky girl.

I'm doing my rec reading at a much slower pace lately as well. I've embarked on the first season of Veronica Mars and that's taking up a fair amount of reading time. Good to hear you liked Get Smart, I'm looking forward to seeing that.

I couldn't agree more about Anne-Marie Duff's luck. Duff. Perhaps she is Scottish too? Even when they're talking about completely boring stuff, I'll bet they sound beautiful doing it.
Pop back in and tell me what you think about "Get Smart," okay?

Meant to say: Yes, DVD series of any kind will put a little dent in reading time, won't they? We're working through MI-5 and The Tudors, so our rec time is pretty well spoken for.

James Murray is married? And now I see that one of my other Masterpiece Theater crushes (Laurence Fox) is also taken. I feel the need to turn to an Austen adaptation for consolation.

TV series on DVD are nibbling into my reading time, but I'm supremely enjoying Slings and Arrows. Should put this season's APT productions in a different light.

Well, Anne Hathaway is now unattached - have you been reading about her ex-boyfriend's troubles with the law? HOW could she have not noticed what was going on? Tell Mr. CR that.

Sad but true, yes, James Murray is married. And wow, Laurence Fox is married to none other than Billie Piper, of Doctor Who fame. Small world.

Glad you like Slings and Arrows. That's on my list somewhere, for after MI-5 and the Tudors. Good old Canadians!! I still think it's a crime that one of the best CBC shows ever, "An American in Canada," isn't out on DVD.

I told Mr. CR that and he already knew all about it. VERY educational.

Billie Piper was Fanny in the latest "Mansfield Park" (she did not look how I imagined an Austen heroine to look . . .). She's also in something for Showtime (?) about being a hooker.

Sarah, I hear you on Billie not looking like a typical Austen heroine. But I rather enjoyed her performance all the same--I thought she had a nice innocence about her when playing Fanny (although Mansfield Park is not my favorite Austen, so maybe I wasn't as invested?) Her newest show is called Secret Diary of a Call Girl, I believe...wonder if the library will be getting that on DVD? We get Dexter, after all!

Gracious, what a lot you are covering here! Teensy modicum of age between those actresses and actors mentioned above. I am kind of liking Mrs. Hulk Hogan getting wild and crazy with her boytoy, myself.

When I was a teenager, I was "forced" to read Middlemarch and remember how shockingly personally relevant it all was plus VIVIDLY, avidly searching out other literature that would help me solve personal issues: my first exposure to bibliotherapy! And dang, if the BritLit (and British serial television shows) don't do it best of all!

Billie Piper was also in the new Dr. Who and my son is in love with her...

Good lord -- Dexter? Got to be on the receiving end of a massively disgruntled library customer who wanted to unofficially challenge why we were so depraved and morally lacking as to squander public funds on buying "Dexter" on video yet our suburban branch was SORELY lacking in the major works of white, Jewish male authors. Uh huh. And I never got a word in edgewise or else I would have asked him why he waited on a hold list so long to get that first disc of season one of Dexter...

Your pal who watches You Tubes of stampeding Japanese guinea pigs looking for carrots in lieu of reading Saul Bellow (um and I did NOT share with the rampaging male Dexter-protestor that I was the librarian in charge of comic book selection!)



Yes, I know some of the age differences weren't huge, but still, in the entertainment biz? Where women are considered over the hill past 25? I thought these Brits marrying women even a few years their senior was pretty damn cool.

BritLit and BritDVDs are very good therapy, and quite cost-effective as well.

Oh, gosh, sorry I missed the encounter with your disgruntled library customer. (Okay, not really.) I personally love it when my local library squanders funds on totally depraved items. Also? The ones who complain loudest about the depravity are ALWAYS the most depraved--and I don't mean in a cute, loveable sort of way.

Tee hee. Stampeding Japanese guinea pigs. I'm totally off now to troll YouTube for that action.

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