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30 July 2008


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Too bad you didn't like it, but you can never can tell with novels. The lone wolf thing in the military is definitely a plot issue.

That is an excellent point to remember about people not liking the books you like, sometimes I feel offended when others don't like my recommendations, but your advice is perfect not everyone come to the book with the same experience. Sage advice about fiction from the non-fiction guru herself.

Nope, you never can tell. Part of the glory of reading, really. On the bright side, I feel like I can cross off a whole series now--how efficient!--I don't think I'll have to read any more Jack Reacher novels.

I seem to remember reading other books that featured "lone wolf" characters that were once associated with the military. I never could figure that out.

Yup, you've got to keep it in mind. The lovely thing is that if you know and trust certain book suggesters, you can keep reading what they suggest even if they don't bat a 1000. That's just how things go--you can never tell what mood a reader is going to be in. Take you, and the Laundress, for instance. I can't say I've wholeheartedly loved everything both of you have suggested, but I've never been bored, and I'll always come back for more. Which reminds me: what're you reading these days? Anything good? I could go for a "Katharine Pick."

Even the title would have been enough to keep me away. Yes, I too
am tired of all the military hoop-la in not only books but other media. What got this country in trouble is the use and cost of military power. Now it seems that being a gun-ho person on military might makes you a patriotic citizen that wears an American flag in your lapel (notice it's the military men who mostly wear this pin!).

Your blog reviews are very enlightening to those of us that are book addicts. Glad I discovered you.

Since I have to begin with the first book in a series or I won't read anything from it, I read this one, too. I know when I read it I enjoyed it, but I can't remember anything from it. I like genre fiction so it's not that, but sometimes with a series I have to get to know the characters, so I should have read the second one immediately after I read Killing Floor. You make a good point about the loner in the military, but when I'm reading fiction, I can believe anything if it makes some kind of sense to me. I'm glad you gave the book a try.

Have you read Straight Man by Russo yet?

Ha! (Re: the title.) That's exactly what my sister said when she saw this book lying on the table ("how can you read something with a title like this?") And then I suggested it to Mr. CR and he also opined that he's not really into books with all the violence. I am blessed to know such nonviolent souls, I think.

Yes, the military. Nothing scares me more than the idea of a. being broken down and rebuilt as part of an obedient unit, and b. having to obey orders with which I fundamentally disagree. AS the military seems rich in both those things, you can see why I've got to stay largely away from the military fiction. I could deal with the flag pins, but I do not believe it is unpatriotic to say that I wish, as I do, that the use of the military would be much more of a last resort than it currently is.

I'm glad to be discovered! Thanks for popping in and let's hear it for the book addicts.

Yes, oftentimes I like the genre fiction, so I thought, why not? Your point about the characters is interesting--perhaps I didn't feel like Jack Reacher, who I sense may be the only recurring character, was enough of a character to sustain my interest. I often like a good recurring relationship as well, I find--Poirot had his Hastings, Spenser had his Hawk, etc.

Oh, Russo! So funny you should ask. I had a hankering for him the other day while I was at the library, but all they had was "Nobody's Fool," so that's what I got. Will that one count?

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