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03 July 2008


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Forget the work parties, you REALLY need to start breaking this stuff out at family get togethers!

As you well know, I'm usually trumped at family get togethers with other family members' sharing the news of their own weird bodily goings-on. There's no way I can beat that with trivia :)

And I really don't want to describe Brazilian OR Hollywood waxes to Mom.

Dang. My daughter just tried to make me buy her this book at Borders, this afternoon. I told her we could surely snap it up from the library shelves soon. Alas, betcha there is a huge waiting list! Nah, this is neither cocktail party chit-chat nor family get-together conversation, but dang, makes one fine blog-post!

In line again...

I must admit, I don't think I'll have a hard time saying "no" to purchases any children I might have want to make--I've been saying "no" to a Wii for Mr. CR for years now so I'm in practice. But when they want to buy books I might weaken--although I recognize that can get out of hand too.

It's a fun book, but definitely one that can be checked out from the library and enjoyed.

And, are you saying that you don't discuss specialty waxes in your family? Doesn't everybody?

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