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07 August 2008


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It would give the people Tabibbi met apoplexy, but they sound like a bunch of screaming Red Guards from Maoist China.

I'm not sure I am ready for this book, ideological fervor makes me sad.

That's the thing, Tripp, you HAVE to read it to find out the secret: there is no ideology. Taibbi is very clear on that point when he relates how everyone tunes out during the part of the sermon about Iran, Israel, and other current events. The key is the roomful of beating hearts of like-minded people, all sharing their miseries and prayer requests.

That, for me, was an "AH-HA!" moment, just like when John Bowe (in "Nobodies") pointed out that the mistake everyone makes about the global economics system is that it's broken. It's not broken, Bowe points out, it's working EXACTLY THE WAY IT'S SUPPOSED TO--for the rich people who set it up.

I don't know if that "oh, everybody really just wants commiseration and connection" point makes it more spooky or less, but damn, it is quite the book.

He was also on Colbert back in January, complete with a Johnny Depp reference. Read his bio on Wikipedia. He seems like an interesting guy, more interesting than his famous father.

How right you are, M, and here it is:

Off to read Wikipedia now, thanks!

Your reviews of mostly non-fiction has opened up doors to new books for me. I am an avid reader and therefore always looking for a reviewer close to my views. Not that I am closed mined but sometimes one just wants to sink into a book and not feel like throwing it across the floor. I took the liberty of puttin you on my new blog -- I hope this is Ok with you -- I just want people to have a spot to go to with great reviews.

Thanks for dropping in, I'm always happy to meet more readers. Yeah, I was going to try to branch out more to fiction, but I find NF is my comfort reading, even when it's not very comforting. And it's always nice to find a kindred spirit.

Thank you for the link on your blog! I've enjoyed your reviews too (for everyone else, try this new blog: http://kindredhome.blogspot.com/).

Ok, I've never heard of this book, but...excuse why I go buy this one ASAP. Nice review and thanks for the heads up.

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