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12 August 2008


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Did I ever tell you I add almost every book you blog about to my to-read list? I don't think I've beaten you to a title yet.

PS I tagged you for a meme.

Hello, Jessica!
I LOVE adding to people's TBR lists. I love it when people add to mine, too, which you invariably do at your site as well.

I don't participate in memes (this blog is theoretically meant to be about books, not me) but I'll be happy to give you a shout out (Jessica's blog is http://botheyes.wordpress.com/) in my next Friday Free Associating and answer your meme questions here. Sorry to be such a stinker. Evidently "killjoy" is a rather large part of my personality. Below are six quirky things about me, just for you. And I very much enjoyed your exorcism/baptism story. I think you should tell us more...

1. I hate pools. I learned how to swim but literally hate the experience of being in a pool and plan to never enter one again.
2. I like cloudy days best.
3. Brown is my favorite color.
4. When I was little I threw out my dolls, much preferring my stuffed animals.
5. Mom rescued my dolls from the trash. I still didn't play with them.
6. I often wish I could be a six-foot-tall boy for a day, just so I could feel what it would be like to walk around with height and strength, as well as not feeling like a fraidy cat girl.

okay. You TOLD me to read this book and (once again) I can't remember author or title. But it was written by a witty woman (with an ?Ivy League? or anyhoo good college degree) and she was working as a house cleaner and got reamed out by a flake due to a Cheerio (cereal circle) in the sink...

and she found a letter taped to the back of a picture, while dusting a house. A love letter. An unrequited, passion letter. And she stuck a stamp on it and mailed it. And I LOVED that...

My second-most favorite love-letter story. Sorry for rambling.

(who now is passionately in love with that guy up above. Uh, the one with the reefer or maybe the one with the squeaky clean tub. Hoping they are the same! Betcha they both are Trip!)

Brown? Really, brown?

I thought you might enjoy both of those letters. They totally tickled me.

I am so sorry I can't remember the house cleaner book. Was it a nonfiction book or fiction? Maybe if I think on it hard enough it'll pop back into my tiny little brain. We can always hope!

You never have to apologize for rambling. I love your rambles.

And yes, really, brown. I love brown. I love dark chocolatey browns and almost black coffee browns and rich light warm tans and glowing wood browns and autumn leaves orangey browns. I know it's weird. But as a color it always makes me happy.

It was nonfiction, mostly black cover with an image of a woman holding a mop in front of her face.

Okay, you can even sell me on brown. Coffee, chocolate and glowing wood? Now I think I love brown too.

Your dirt-colored dresser,

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