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14 November 2008


I didn't know that you have a cat . . .

But I do have an inordinate fondness for chocolate and I can see how you could down 20 Reese's PB cups in one sitting.

So I see Rick Librarian is finishing a book on bios for LU. Wow! I don't know if I could concentrate that long on one topic. So I posted on his blog. I love bios. Do you think there's a market for for a book on bios on dead royalty?

The perfectly fine but not compelling books are always a problem. I think they are often best for those quite interested, but not terribly well-read, in the book's subject. Learning something new is enough to justify a read, sometimes.

I think the kitty hid when you were here. Yup, RickLibrarian's just finishing up the bio book now, I can't wait to see it! I'd also totally be in the market for your royal bios book.

Yes, I think the book was well-written and all, for some reason, it just didn't set me on fire. Maybe my expectations were too high after hearing all the raves about it.

Why am I not surprised about your cat? He/she probably knew I have to be top princess in the house.

I could also add a section on high-ranking aristocrats. Me, I'm pretty much peasant stock, unless there was some wrong-side-of-the-blanket action going on hundreds of years ago.

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