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13 November 2008


Interesting exercise, to bring these passages together. I've been meaning to read Bradbury. Would this novel be a good start?

In terms of answering your question, it would be my inclination to look at the year they were published to put this kind of exhaustion in national context, if there is any. How did such similar passages happen in '62 and '08? No easy answer there...

my guess is that at some point John Green read Bradbury and that idea stuck with him and popped out subconsciously when he was writing his novel. I would think this happens alot with writers since most of them are voracious readers as well as wordsmiths. Listening makes you a good person, not a bad reminder for all of us.

Brian, Katharine,
I so love reading your comments. I can quite honestly say that you raise two points I hadn't thought of at all: that the time period/era might have something to do with the similarity, or that Green might have been influenced by Bradbury. They are both very valid points, and definitely probably have some part in the passages.

I would guess if you looked hard enough you'd find passages like this in lit from all eras, because I think it's particularly human to want to look, perhaps maybe even more than is good for us. I also thought it very telling that even when we think we are taking it all in (listening) we expose a bit of ourselves too. It's a very interesting thought tunnel to go down, either way.

Katharine, I particularly agree with your point about writers being voracious readers and being influenced--isn't the ebb and flow of ideas (even if the words differ) a beautiful thing to behold? Didn't Kurt Vonnegut have something in a book about loving Lot's wife because she just couldn't help herself but to look back (and was turned into a pillar of salt for her effort?). Amazing to watch ideas travel through the written word, into our consciousnesses, and back out again. Wonderful indeed.

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