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01 December 2008


I was horrified to read about that Wal Mart accident. I'm of the same mind: avoidance. I hate shopping crowds. Of any kind.

There was a film made of Frida Kahlo's life a few years back. I think it's called "Frida." You should see it.

I really liked "In Bruges", that handsome Colin can really act. It was a sad story, but worth watching nonetheless.
Can you believe that Wal-Mart has actually caused a death?! Another reason to not shop there. I agree, people are crazy.

Yes: it's all about avoidance. I can't believe a 34-year-old man is now dead so some people could get early bargains. Ridiculous.

And thank you for the reminder about the movie "Frida." With Salma Hayek, correct? I'll have to look into it.

I really liked "In Bruges" too but I'll admit I wish it had ended differently--it made me too sad! This movie and "Tigerland" are the only two Colin Farrell movies worth seeing, I think, no matter how cute he is. (And he is really cute, I'll grant you.)

Oh yes. The "Wal-Mart" section of the population. You know, the ones who are scorned by the elite but are "good peoples". Words fail me.

I was so glad not to go to relatives' homes for Thanksgiving this year and hear them map out their Black Friday Wal-Mart strategies; ("you head for the TVs and I'll get the Wii..."), that was too depressing for words. Of course they're all "good peoples" too but this insatiable desire to buy more for less is a disease, I sincerely believe.

I'm guessing Wal-Mart won't cough up any disability or life insurance to the dead 34-year-old's family, either. Words fail me, too.

I rec the Hayden Herrera bio: http://www.harpercollins.com/books/9780060085896/Frida/index.aspx. I read it before seeing the movie. AMAZING.

and I loved In Bruges! It's one of my favorite little cities.

accidents are uninvitable but yet they occurs. one should be careful to get least damages..

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