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16 January 2009


Amazing! I was just thinking about this book yesterday and wondering what it was about!

Jessica--crazy! And yet oh so right. I think that's why I ordered it; for some reason I've always been aware that it's out there. DO try it and let me know what you think, okay? I couldn't put it down but I can also see where it might not be for everybody. But I'd very much like to hear what you think.

I have been meaning to read this one, but haven't picked it up. His Cloud Atlas is an excellent read. Very different in subject matter and a wee bit postmodern in its structure.

Mark Danielewski drove me batty with House of Leaves. I really didn't like that book.

Cloud Atlas is spectacular, definitely give that one a try. The first section is a bit odd but don't give up.

Tripp, Steve,
You're way ahead of me. I just picked up "Cloud Atlas" today and am totally pumped about it. It's interesting you say that about the beginning, Steve, because it took me about 50 pages to really get into this one too, but after that there was no going back.

Yeah, Tripp, I've had both "House of Leaves" and "Only Revolutions" home to read and never felt like picking either one up. One of these days I suppose I should try again.

I'm almost 50, and I'm still as clueless as a teenager about everything. Hmmm. I just need to find me someone who is at my level.

Oh, Sarah,
I hear you. One day when I was still in grad school I was walking around campus, looking shlubby and wearing an old plaid shirt, and I laughed to think that five years previously I'd been walking around the same campus, wearing the same shirt, feeling the same way.

And now, eons later? I still have the shirt. Still feel largely the same, just more tired. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

You're pretty spectacular, so I hope you find that someone at your same spectacular level. ON the bright side, I think we're all pretty much clueless all our lives, so odds are good you'll find that similar clueless someone, I would think.

Hmmm, I hear that some people liked Only Revolutions a bit more than House of Leaves. I would be interested to hear if you do. I suspect he is one of those authors you either love or hate.

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