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14 January 2009


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Possibly Ayn Rand.

I think atheism is experiencing a vogue lately because there has been a resurgence of membership in organized religions. A while back, when church attendance was down, banging the drum about atheism was somewhat unnecessary. Hitchens particularly seems to have an ironic level of moral fervor about eliminating religious dogma. I think we'll see both these trends increase: more avowed atheists and more church-goers.

Maybe it's just me, but it seems women are writing about their spirituality or their search for it. Anne Lamont comes to mind, but I think there are others. I don't care what people think/believe, but I hope they stop yelling at each other about it. It's getting annoying.

Oh, Ayn Rand. I used to devour Ayn Rand in college when I was young, healthy, and thought I had brains. Now of course I know better. It's a good suggestion--but I also feel that Ayn did have a religion--it's called capitalism. And that's even harder to believe in these days than traditional religion!

That's a good thought. I wonder how these books play in Europe, where I think religious attendance is still way down. Or is it experiencing a resurgence there too? I think you're probably right that we'll see more from both extremes, that seems to be the way the culture is going. I must say, of all these old men atheists, at least Hitchens is so angry he sometimes gives me a laugh. This guy Barnes just seemed like a horribly snobby and quite dull name-dropper (of dead French people's names).

And I would like to say this without irony: AMEN to what you say, sister!

Interesting, also, to bring up Anne Lamott. Who's her male counterpart? I do think more of her writing than male "spirituality" writers like Joel Osteen or Rick Warren. At least Anne Lamott, to me, seems like she's writing more about her own search--sometimes with these guy writers, I can't help it, I get more of a feeling that they're really trying to instruct me.

I'm laughing because the first name that came to mind as a male counterpart to Anne Lamott was... Nick Hornby!

You are the best. I am off to read this article now, and hopefully also to request whatever book/author you've found! It should be a nice change from the relentless male atheists, I hope.

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