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19 January 2009


Did you see the segment about this project on CBS's Sunday Morning? Let me try my hand at linking to the video. If I fail, call your local librarian and ask her or him how to locate it on the web. But don't call today, because it's a city holiday.


Wow. This book looks absolutely phenomenal. What a powerful quote to share. Wow.

You are the best. Thank you for sending the video clip; I hadn't seen it. The guy interviewed, Bob Tandy, is the guy whose quote I shared above! Amazing.

Those damn city workers, getting all those holidays off... :) You know I had to say it. I know those library workers (the desk staff, anyway) have earned their days off and I hope they enjoy them.

It's a pretty unbelievable book. I'm trying to consider where to save money this month in the household budget so I can buy it. Let me know if you see it and what you think of it, okay?

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