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10 February 2009


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Her photography project was very intense. I have to admit, I feel sorry for her mother! And her thesis supervisor! But Shutterbabe sounds like my style of book-for awhile I wanted to be a war correspondent (until I realised I'd have to put in my dues doing more boring journalism for a long time first). Thanks for bringing it on my radar. :)

Yowza. I'm scared just reading this review. crazy. Of course, I'm scared to sub at the grade school and prefer middle school. Maybe I'm the crazy one.

I had the same thought--do you tell your mother what you're doing? My mother would forcibly chain me to something in my house, I think, if she heard I was out photographing dangerous people. Let me know what you think of this book if you get it, particularly with your interest in photojournalism, okay?

I'd be scared to sub/teach any of today's youth (not to mention their parents), so you're way ahead of me!

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