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20 February 2009


Okay, great, you just saved me the trouble of reading this. Now I can get off the list at the library.

Hah, hah -- still laughing! Which should help me get through the work day!

Thank you. Now I can quit reading this thing. It's been by my bedside for months half read. It is a boring book. I read Sittenfeld's first book, Prep, and didn't like that one much either. She keeps getting such good reviews that I figured I was missing something with Prep and that I should try again with American Wife. But I'm done now.

Becky, Melanie:
Always glad to be of service, especially in the service of chucking a bad book off our TBR piles. However, Becky, whenever I convince you not to read something, I always secretly hope you will so I can hear what YOU think of it! Melanie, I couldn't agree with you more. I maintain: why are publishers and reviewers so in love with Sittenfeld? I was completely bored by "Prep," too. And then when she had the gall to take on Melissa Bank? Grrrr...

Always glad to provide a laugh. Now don't go imagining George and Laura (eww) or it really will be hard to make it through your work day!

I AGREE WHOLEHEARTEDLY. PREP was stinky, so I didn't even go down that American Wife road. Thanks for saying it so well.

See, I actually really liked Prep. I didn't like the second one as much, Man of My Dreams or whatever. But it was okay. This, I couldn't get 50 pages in. I don't know what happened since Prep. sigh

See, I should have had the sense to stay away from this one--I'll admit that I got about fifty pages into "Prep" and that just wasn't for me either. I didn't think it was badly done, just not for me. And it had such a great cover!

Mainly I was annoyed because this one got such good press and was another good seller for Sittenfeld. Isn't that depressing when you get a book by an author you've enjoyed previously and it doesn't do much for you? That happened to me with Anne Tyler's "Amateur Marriage," although she redeemed herself a bit with "Digging to America."

Um, so let us just get past the point that rather many people think Jodi Picoult is a fine writer. Then we can mosey over to Curtis? Nah, not worth the waddle. Only thing I like about Laura Bush: she smokes. Still. Unabashed. Just like Barack. It just is not socially acceptable nor widely reported. I think I have repeated this, gleaned from flipping through pages of a Bush bio -- Laura told the sporty Bushes, when asked what she "did" (they meant sportswise): I read. And I smoke..

Well, Laundress, the smoking is somewhat of an endearing habit. But she has the luxury--she's rich and has good health insurance (I'm guessing). See? I can find something about every aspect of Laura Bush to be bitter about. :)

I like your idea. I'm putting Curtis on the shelf with Jodi and that's a shelf I'm never going to revisit.

I wonder if Laura still reads. I'd like to send her Vincent Bugliosi's "The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder," if so. But maybe she's more of a novel reader.

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