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10 March 2009


I love the Birkerts' quote!!! By itself and as a tool as an academic librarian. I work with an intro to college class, and I'll be using that quote from now on even if it excites me way more than any of the 18 old kids sitting in front of me!

Christopher over at our blog wrote about the Birkerts article, too. I myself am trying to come around to the new technology with the understanding that books, as we know them, will *not* disappear. And your first quote is just why I don't want that to happen: I don't want a book to become a discussion space, as I like that argumentative friend and the one on one "conversations" we have when I read a book. The idea of embedding books with links and comments... won't the authors, the ones we love and rely upon, lose their integrity with this new creation? That's my concern.

Yes, the 18-year-olds may not thrill to this sort of thing the way we do. But some of them might--especially in a few years or so. The whole article was very interesting, even though I'm not typically a huge Birkerts fan.

All fair points about author integrity. I'm afraid you're coming at this thing from a much more intellectual point of view than I am; I simply don't want to cough up hundreds of dollars to Amazon for a new piece of technology that I'll just need to update in a couple of years anyway (if that). Not to mention all the Kindle books they want me to pay $10 for that I'll lose when I get the new new Kindle, etc., etc., ad infinitum. I'm grouchy about technology that way, because I'm old enough to have learned that the more advanced everything gets, the harder it is to access, the more expensive it is, and the longer it takes. Just think about it--sure, we think everything is faster and better, but is it? I just don't know about that.

And I TOTALLY agree with your one-on-one perspective. That's the best part about the little closed system of me and a book (and that book's author). I would really miss that.

If anyone wants to read Christopher's post about the Kindle over at Survival of the Book, here it is:

I'd recommend it!

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