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05 March 2009


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Your first page quote was enough to get me to put the book on hold at the library.

I hope you like it, Donna! I read another review where the reviewer warned that this is not really a fairy tale for kids, in that there's some frank sexuality in it. And, two things to note: Do read the intro by Neil Gaiman, and if it doesn't work for you right away, put it down and try it again later. It's definitely a book I think you have to be in the right mood for. And of course let me know what you think of it!

Tee hee. Now the idea of the fairies having sex is also making me giggle. What an odd, great little book.

Citizen Reader,

I, too, have just read The Good Fairies of New York. And Millar's more recent novel, Lonely Werewolf Girl. Like Fairies, it's urban fantasy (you probably figured that one out) and filled with involuntary giggles and spontaneous guffaws.

Also, if you are not aware, Martin Millar also writes under the name Martin Scott; his Thraxas series is found under this name. It's pure high fantasy with a sense of humor. Check it out.


Robin, dahling,
Wasn't this book awesome? The more I think about it the more I loved it. I wish some fairies would come stumbling through my window, I wouldn't care if they vomited on the carpet.

I had "Lonely Werewolf Girl" home and didn't get it read; "Thraxas" is sitting on my shelf now and I desperately hope to get to it before it's due! Thanks for the reminder!

Have you seen Martin's blog? I think he must suffer from agoraphobia, which must be hard (in general) but also when you're trying to publicize books: http://martin-millar.blogspot.com/2009/03/queen-vex.html

(God I love him: one of his posts is "Modern World Continues to Disappoint." Perfect.)

I'm so glad you like him too. Did you read Suzy, Led Zeppelin, and Me yet? I keep trying to get Mr. CR to read his fantasy books but he's all snobby with his Steven Erickson and George R. R. Martin big books...

Citizen Reader,

Like you would love for the fairies to come visit. The vomiting, well, my cats have made sure there is no lack of that in my life. What I would really like is a brownie, sort of like the character, Meg, from Emma Bull's War for the Oaks. My house could really do with a brownie.

And, yes, I've seen Martin's blog. It's too bad about the agoraphobia, but then, well, it leaves him more time to write. Selfish me. After reading your post of Suzy, Led Zeppelin, and Me, will definitely be adding it to my list.

Also, like you have given Thraxas to my better half. I told him it was just like Colleen McCullough's Rome series, but better. His eyebrows are still raised. What?


Hey, if only the cats are puking at your house, that's pretty good. That new baby never spits anything up? What a great baby!:)

I hear you. I just have the one cat and I totally agree she can produce enough vomit on her own. But now I am curious if fairy vomit really does smell sweet to humans.

Ah, trying to get the better halves reading what we want them to read. Don't they know they're just supposed to do whatever we tel them?

Hmmm...I am uninformed about brownies. I will look into the Emma Bull book to rectify that. Thanks!

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