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24 March 2009


Great article in Readers Advisor News. Do you think that people are more likely to post negative reviews on a blog than to publish them in a journal? I've just begun a blog - my first post is a rather cranky book review. Starting as I mean to go on, if necessary.

Hi, Blogaim Anseo!
Thanks for the kind words, first off. Also, interesting question. I do think people are more likely to post negative reviews on blogs; or perhaps they show up more there because most reviewers with blogs have more personal control over what they post. (A reviewer with the ALA publication Booklist, for instance, has no choice in the matter--that publication simply does not publish "not recommended" reviews.) This is probably why I love litblogs so; unlike PW (which I also love, but mainly for the information, not for the reviews) or other review sources, bloggers aren't always simply trying to sell books at all costs.

Good luck with your new blog!

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