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08 April 2009


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Yes, but how do I go about requesting it at the library without, you know, alerting my boss?

Ah, Lesbrarian. Also tricky. Perhaps I learned this from requesting a variety of my own health titles:
"It's for my sister/mother/cousin/friend."

Sure, everyone knows better, but appearances are maintained.

Hmm. I must get this for my husband, who will take great delight in sharing it with his (thankfully humor-enabled) boss.

It is very, very amusing, but I would suggest your husband peruse it before sharing, no matter how humor-enabled his boss. There's humor enabled, and then there's boss's heads in a file cabinet drawer marked for that purpose.

Not just related to bosses - but when I get especially irritated I imagine people as Pez dispensers and I picture myself popping off their heads.

Pop Tart:
Tee hee. I do the same thing but I picture them as dandelions.

I don't know whether to be amused or scared that we share a fantasy that involves popping peoples' heads off. I'm going to go with amused.

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