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30 April 2009


That's the best book recommendation. "This book will totally disrupt your life."

Michael Perry was guest blogger at Powell's last week, http://www.powells.com/blog/?author=508 so this book had already made my to-be-read list. I'll just have to risk the disruption.

I totally agree. And this book just kept on disrupting my life; I couldn't get anything else done until it was finished. Although it did go with me to the doctor's office and was a great read for there--I hate doctors' offices and it kept my mind off of where I was! Two enthusiastic thumbs up.

Although--if you've never read a Mike Perry I'd still start with Population: 485. It's almost like a more "introductory" work to the rest of his books; I felt like I loved this book more because I feel like I know Mike Perry (although not really, as I am aware). Just something to consider. And thanks for the Powell's link! I love Powells.

I am in the middle of the book and enjoying it very much, my only crticism would be that is seems a bit disjointed because he hops from one topic to another so quickly. I am someone who does the majority of my reading in the middle of the night (insomnia) and find this style a bit distracting, his other books where much more in the narrative style.

I agree with you about the disjointedness--I rather thought that "Truck" had that problem too, but I lose all objectivity when I'm around Perry's writing. More later--

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear you have insomnia. I hope it isn't too disruptive to you--even though it sounds like you're putting your time to good use reading. Still and all though, when it's time to sleep, it'd be nice to sleep.

I finished it last night, will not say what time that was but it was dark out and I am pretty sure everyone else was asleep. The last half is pretty powerful in many ways, I do think Perry revealed a lot more about himself in this book, and I really came to admire his parents. I also enjoyed the animals.

The great majority of the fun for me was how much I feel like I "know" Michael Perry (although I don't, really, of course). My parents stalked his parents and met them in New Auburn, and then they came to visit my parents, at whose house I got to meet them. They are WONDERFUL. So reading this book and being able to picture his parents was a real treat.

I did enjoy the animals, but mainly I enjoyed READING about them rather than having to keep them. I'm all for sustainability but I am too lazy to put pigs up in my backyard.

And, hopefully without giving too much away--just how much bad luck can one person have? (In the person of his brother Jed.) That was so sad.

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