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27 April 2009


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I know just what you mean. Every time I step into a new library, I cry a little. It's a beautiful thing, knowing that no matter where you go, there will be the Dewey Decimal System and the "librarian's picks" display.

Ahh...you said how I feel exactly CR. I am always braggin about how great libraries are to my "non using" friends. And don't get me started on how amazing it is that Dewey came up with a system of organization that works 100 years later. I'm so lucky that A. I have a job in this economy and B. one that I truly enjoy going to everyday. Yeah libraries. P.S. are you going to WAPL?

I'm with you. The Library of Congress classification system actually makes me more teary-eyed, as I LOVE academic libraries even more than I love public ones, but I'm with you. Dewey and librarians' picks (which is why the new library that I visited, that didn't have a "librarians' picks" area, pissed me off so badly) and free books, oh my!

I know you feel this way and I've always been slightly in awe of you for it. How you managed to work in libraries full time and keep your lovely positive attitude was always a wonder to me. Yeah libraries! And yes, I WAS going to WAPL--until they cancelled their reader's advisory day. I'm so ashamed that the state of WI couldn't drum up enough interest in RA to sustain a one-day session on it, but there you have it. I know it's not a stellar year for anyone to get resources to go to conferences, but still. Are you going?

I feel exactly the same way about libraries. I just love them, and I'm so grateful for them. Because I wouldn't be able to afford my book habit without libraries! I'm at the library about twice a week and get all my books from there. Best place on earth!

Going to WAPL for two days on WLA's dime, which is nice.
I am volunteering at the registration booth so I will complain to the organizers they need to have more RA stuff next year. I gotta watch out for my peeps.
Hope to run into you at MY library one day...

Me bummed too (about WPLA).

I have been very fortunate in that MOST patrons (whatever) here are so very appreciative, but it's been kicked up a notch since the beginning of the year. It's almost as if they are half afraid that we will vanish. Seriously. And of course our business is booming. And then you might take a pay cut. How many "businesses" have that happen? Hah!

I'm grateful for them too. They're really the only thing my tax dollars support that I feel good about. There's NO WAY I could do nearly the amount of reading I do without the library.

Good for you! We'll have to get together after it and you can tell me what you learned--as well as any good library land gossip you might pick up!

I'm totally bummed about WPLA. I've never actually wanted to go to a conference before so of course this is the one that got cancelled!

Sadly, I never noticed that our patrons were all that thankful, but maybe I was just catching them all on their cranky days. I figured business was probably booming but it's nice to have it confirmed. And I hope you don't have to take a pay cut--I know that you work too hard for that!

The only thing that bums me out about being a librarian is that I never get to go to the library anymore. Reading this post reminded me of how much I loved doing that, and, at the very least, I hope I help run a library that lets other people get that feeling, even if I don't have it myself.

No worries, Laura; you won't be working in a library your whole life, I'd guess, and they'll just be waiting for you to visit them when you get out.

Sorry. Don't mean to make it sound like a prison term. I bet you do run a library that other people enjoy visiting--I know I wish I could visit your library!!

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