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06 April 2009


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Hate to break it to ya, Mrs. CR, but I don't think The Last King of Scotland is really about Scotland. :-P I think it's about a psychotic African dictator. Enjoy it!

That's MS. CR to you. Let's keep this all nice and feminist.

I love how you crush all my dreams before I have a chance to do it myself.
Yes, I am aware, although I thank you for pointing it out in case I hadn't been. But, it IS one of the few movies in which McAvoy gets to use his native accent, as he actually does play a Scotsman. Take that!

Have you seen it, BTW? Is it good, even though, you know, probably depressing as hell?

p.s. Brandon, have YOU read any Martin Millar? I know he's lighter than your typical fare but I'd be interested to hear what you think of him. Come on: "Modern world continues to disappoint"? That sounds like a writer you'd enjoy.

Great post! I'll definitely check out Millar! And, I hate Tom Hanks too - thanks for saying that!

I would love to hear what you think about Millar. If you're not into the fantasy stuff as much, do try "Suzy, Led Zeppelin, and Me." I really, really liked it.

And--full disclosure--I should admit that Tom Hanks was a producer of "Starter for 10," but I watched and enjoyed it anyway. I'm still sticking to my "not watching movies he's in" credo though. Glad to find another non-fan out there--people always look at me like I'm a monster when I say I don't like Hanks!

No, I've never seen The Last King of Scotland, though I've always wanted to.

I've never read Millar, either. It's interesting that you point out how heavy my reading fare usually is. A friend and I have been discussing the kind of literature I read, and even she gets depressed just looking at my bookcases. So much so, in fact, she picked up The Joy Luck Club for me. I've been telling her how much 2666 has taken out of me, and she keeps saying, "You need a break, something lighter." I just find it a little amusing that I seem to have garnered a reputation for reading bleak, heavy stuff.

But I did get her to read The Road. Yee-haw!

Okay, Brandon, we're just going to have to see who sees "The Last King of Scotland" first.

I only notice your reading is "heavy" because I'm so, so impressed when anyone actually takes on a big novel like "2666," which I think you've been enjoying. Didn't you do Don Quixote at one point too? Sheesh. I would never make it through either of those, probably. I just don't have the required attention span.

Do try Martin Millar if you get a chance. And congrats on getting others to read "The Road." Now THERE is a downer book.

But you haven't mentioned Sean Connery who just gets better.

Another FABULOUS scottish author - Andrew Greig.

I have always liked Sean Connery, although I've never seen him as Bond. I will have to correct that.

Scotland forever!

And thank you for the scottish author tip--I'm off to check out Greig now.

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