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04 May 2009


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I collect sequined fruit from the 1960s. Everyone who ever sees it tries to politely hide a certain level of distaste, but I don't care! Collecting things made of styrofoam usually doesn't lead to impressing others.

Oh, I don't know. The only decorations from my childhood home that I truly covet is a set of four bunnies--the Easter bunny patriarch, his bunny wife, and two bunny children, that Mom made entirely out of styrofoam balls. I would be (and am!) totally impressed by your sequined fruit collection.

This books sounds like a great birthday present for one of my sisters. Thanks, C.R.

As for collecting, except for books, I can't. I hate to dust and clean. My liqueur loving Latvian relatives have given me beautiful glasses, but I can't figure out what I'm supposed to put it them. My husband has beautiful china that we stopped using years ago when we realized we weren't the china and crystal couple. I'm getting to the point where I say, let's just use everything for everyday, and if it breaks, it breaks. I can't see my nieces and nephews fighting over these heirlooms. If only I liked schnapps...

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