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07 May 2009


Google this, if you will: portrait of helene hanff


But Robin, when I do that, it doesn't actually retrieve any images of the portrait! I am desperate to see this portrait now.

Oh, I know, but did you notice that your post was the first hit? You sure take your wild fame modestly!

I just discovered your blog and have added it to my blogroll. I'm looking forward to reading all your posts.

Sadly, Robin, I only show up as the top choice because not enough people are writing blog posts that include the phrase "portrait of Helene Hanff." Man, I wonder where that portrait is.

Glad to have you--the more the merrier!

I can't believe that out of a post on Hanff, I get to listen to poetry read by Richard Armitage. Ah, the quirkiness of it all.

MMMmmmm Hanff and Armitage all in one post; I had a lot of fun with this one.
Word is that Armitage is also doing some books on tape--I've got to track those down too. I LOVE his voice.

Just finished the book and also desperate to see potrait or get info on it. here's hoping!


found site with selection of gaussen paintings with two of helen hanff portraits ...alas not the one in the book tho'


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