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05 May 2009


His "current wife." Now that's funny.

I think someone should commission a study as to why men are so cynical about marriage. Ryan and I joke about getting married in nine years, and I always point out that I want a bulletproof pre-nup, for when we get divorced. Not if. When. Of course, she swears that if I become a famous writer, she won't let me divorce her, and I tell her, "Then what's the point of getting married?" Good times.

Hey buddy,
You like the "current wife" bit, huh? Well, then when you and Ryan do get married, feel free to use it. We wives think it's HI-larious.

Luckily our money statuses were (and are) such that if either of us had suggested a pre-nup, the other would have laughed and said "sure...I don't have anything to take!" But I don't mind that Mr. CR's not a trust fund baby, at least he reads, and I'll take that over rich any day.

Good times, good times. Maybe if you're really energetic you could marry, get divorced, and then re-marry.

Would Mr. CR go as far as see Rachel Getting Married with you? It was our film discussion title last week. 19 women and 2 men came. Neither of the men said much, but they sat loyally with their wives.

I should add that I showed the film and led the discussion. It was a good discussion, and I almost want to see it again to look for the things that different people pointed out.

Well, Mr. CR wouldn't turn down "Rachel Getting Married" because he's a big Anne Hathaway fan. But any of my other cherished chick flicks? Not a chance.

Did your participants like the film? How was the discussion?

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