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19 June 2009


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I have to say I enjoyed it, but not when I was eating (I have a tendency to eat and read). The best part is when it references something along the lines of Elizabeth having Mr. Darcy's balls in her hand. That alone was worth it for me! And I agree with you on the illustrations. Oh! And the whole reasoning behind Charlotte marrying Mr. Collins? Brilliantly done in this version as it gives you more of a reason than she was getting on in years and didn't want to be a burden!

I think you're definitely in the majority on this one; I've been reading more positive reviews than not. But it just wasn't for me. Partly because, I guess, of all the ways for me to visualize Mr. Darcy (and I do), his balls just never make an appearance, and I prefer it that way. Evidently I do belong more in Austen's age than this one. :)

As noted, mainly I was jealous I hadn't thought of this way to capitalize on Austen. But capitalizing in any way has never been my strong point, I'll admit.

I loved your comment re: eating and reading it--I took it along for a visit to the in-laws, where my young (5-year-old) nephew also was, and Mr. CR kept hiding the book because he didn't want the young 'un to see it and have nightmares!

This is nice to hear, because I was supposed to get a review copy and they never sent it to me, even after I advertised it for them in my blog. I feel like I'm the only person in the blogiverse to be left out. Oh well, I'm sure I have better things to read.

Hey, for once we agree EXACTLY on fiction! (I guess we dislike the same fiction, it's just that we can't agree on what we DO like.) Your review echoes my thoughts to the word. I don't have a single thing to add, and this way I don't have to bother with generating an original review on my own blog.

I enjoyed this book. As much as I like Austen, she can be dull at times. "P&P&Z" was funny, even if it's nothing more than a novelty book.

Hey, look at us! What we don't like will bring us closer. Do go read the other anti-review; I think you'll enjoy what she has to say.

I'm glad you liked it. It's still largely Jane Austen, after all. It just turns out I'm a little more girly than I thought--evidently I get annoyed when you fool too much with either my chick flick plotlines or my Jane Austen. And I've never been into ninjas--I still haven't seen "Kill Bill."

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