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02 June 2009


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Don't you love it when that happens? I've been meaning to check out 84, Charing Cross Road ever since your post on it.

Nice find CR. I too check out all the pictures. One of the first things I do is to check the book for pictures. This is usually great fun, but sometimes there is a spoiler. Not that spoilers are always a problem in nonfiction, but say in true crime where you might find something like "John Jones, pictured here with his wife, before it was proven that he killed the sitter." Most recently this happened with the Bin Laden book, where it turned out that one of the elder brothers died in a plane crash.

Glad you're back! I loved 84 Charing Cross Road - bought it for my MIL.

Yay! You're back! Alright already, I will read 84, CCR.

I DO love it when that happens. I also love it when Google fails at something. I don't know why. That's just the way I roll.

Do pop back in and let us know what you think about 84CCR if you read it!

I LOVE pictures in NF books. I really do truly believe ALL NF books should have pictures, although, as you point out, not all of them should have such detailed comments.

I'm so glad you liked 84 CCR and are passing it on! Awesome.

You'll never believe whose library had a copy of that checked in at the moment she was reading your post! Just dashed out and peeked inside. "Portrait" made me think "posed, posh painting." And that it is not. But it was thrilling to see. Brilliant creature, you found it!

Dang, I've never even cracked the cover of my copy of Silk & Cyanide, so I didn't know HH's picture was in there. (smacking own forehead)

I'm so glad you got to see it! "Thrilling" is just the perfect word to use. I was thrilled to find it!

You have your own copy of "Silk and Cyanide"? That is SO. AWESOME.

It seems to me that fewer nonfiction books are having the picture sections in the middle now, putting photos throughout text. While this makes some sense, it makes it harder to look at all the pictures. Looking at the pictures in the middle was like seeing the trailer for a movie. I have looked at many photo sections in books that I never read, often when trying to answer reference questions. I hate to see that end.

I think you're probably right. Sometimes they have pictures in two spots, which I totally support, as it breaks up the reading a bit and it often means more pictures. But to just sprinkle them through the text? Not cool.

I also like captions to be descriptive, informative, and indexed, if possible. (That's a carryover from my reference desk days, when I helped school kids doing reports find many a picture inside a book--especially when pictures found on the internet were very tiny or poor quality.)

Me, fussy about my nonfiction? Nah.

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