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05 June 2009


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How sad. Eddings's books were some of the first fantasy novels with which I really engaged. He got me on the path to giant fantasy novels, before I ever read Tolkein!

I had nearly finished the series when someone pointed out the chess terminology in the titles. i had totally missed that, but didn't then and don't now see any connection between chess, chess as a metaphor or whatever and the books. Do you recall any, or, when you reread them, could you look for them?

I don't think I read beyond the first five books but I share your fond memories.

I agree. Eddings led me to lots of other books too, although I can't say I ever did get into Tolkien. Did you read the Eddings obit? My favorite part was where he decided to write fantasy because he saw a Tolkien book in the bookstore that was in its 73rd printing, and thought that might be a good field to get into. Hilarious.

Hey, chess terminology! I never noticed that either. To the best of my recollection, though, no chess stuff in the books. Maybe it just meant the larger game of good versus evil? Very interesting.

If you read the first five books (The Belgariad), you've read the best. The second series (the Mallorean) was okay but not as good. But...I still want to re-read it. :)

Hmmm. I never read Eddings - perhaps because he was compared to Tolkien? I read THE HOBBIT at age 8, on a dare from an older cousin, and was patently unimpressed. "So what? He's a short guy with hairy toes and he has adventures described in long unprounceable made-up words." [Think I was maybe a tad young for the subtexts? ]

But the excerpt above looks quite readable to me; I'll have to try him!

Thanks, CR, for adding ANOTHER book to my Leaning Tower of TBRs ~

The chess titles for the Belgariad were imposed by Lester del Rey. They are pretty irrelevant to the books, but what the hell--they have a nice ring to them.

dennis eddings

I think you'd rather enjoy Eddings. I always rather liked them because he did have a lot of interesting women characters (something Tolkien didn't seem to offer, in my humble opinion--and I was totally bored by the Hobbit as well!) and sometimes he had thieving and other clever characters who moved the plot forward without constant sword battles. Thumbs up!

Thank you for the clarification! As I am not a chess player, I never even noticed the titles, but that is great information to have. I too think they had a nice ring. I'm just glad Lester del Rey published them, no matter what the titles.

And I have to ask--are you a relation? If so, I'm very sorry for your loss.


Leigh gets a great deal of credit for the interesting women characters in Dave's books. Dave would read his day's work to Leigh, who would then set him straight on how women think and act. She collaborated with David from Book I of the Belgariad on, and should have been given credit far earlier.

And yes, we are related; David was my brother. I thank you for the thought, but believe me, it was time for David's exit. Sad, yes, but definitely time.

Thank you so much for taking the time to post here; I've learned so much about the books now. I always loved the banter between the male and female characters in the series; now that I know how it came about, it makes much more sense. I'm glad Leigh's contribution is a bit better known now.

And, even if it was time, it's never easy to lose a brother. Again, I'm so sorry, and I wish you and your family all the best.

Another legendary name has left us. Much rsroow will be felt around the world at this sad passing. But he and his wife will never be forgotten by his fervent followers. We will miss you both but will never forget. Sleep well .

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