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06 July 2009


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Have you read Denise Mina's books? They are also gritty and set on council estates, in Glasgow though. She does incredible crime novels with smart, plucky, but flawed semi-heroines. She's fantastic, I'd say. She has two trilogies - start with Garnet Hill, if you haven't read and have an interest.

You know, I haven't, but that's a name I keep coming across, writing down, and meaning to look into...but then I keep forgetting. Thank you for the reminder and the "Garnet Hill" suggestion. Have you also tried Minette Walters? It's a long time since I read one of hers but I remember "Fox Evil" being very good and creepy.
And, mmm, Glasgow. Anything Scottish and I'm there. Although I may need a small break from council estate books just for the moment, after this one.

Denise Mina's books are fantastic, in a brutal way. I felt bruised after finishing each one (in a good way, if that's possible). You should rent/borrow the DVD Sweet Sixteen--directed by Ken Loach. It's set in Scotland in a very rough, gritty neighborhood. The accents are so thick we watched it with the subtitles on. (Loach films are also great if you want to feel guilty about being middle class, or if you want to pretend you're going to join the socialist uprising.)

Thanks for the second on the Mina recommendation. I've got to get one of her books. The Loach film sounds fascinating too--but after this one, I'll need just a few days to recover!

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