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28 July 2009


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Yes, but didn't Stephen Spender or someone proclaim that "sexual intercourse was discovered" about 1963?

Well, maybe, but I think Hipponax the well-digger would beg to differ with Mr. Spender.

That's my point!

I know, Sarah, I just don't get that many chances to throw around the name "Hipponax the well-digger" all that often, so I had to take it. I also wonder how long the translator struggled with the word "slut." As in, "hmm, does 'slut' really capture the poetic moment here?" I'd love to hear how translators choose the words they do.

I highly recommend If Not, Winter by Anne Carson!

Thank you for the suggestion. I'm off to order the Carson from my library now! (I loves the serendipity, but also the recommendations.)

Wow. That IS poetry. I haven't read anything that fresh in a while.

There's a guy named Dugan (first name escapes me) whose work is almost as frank, or perhaps as frank. His last book won the Pulitzer for peotry, so it should be easily found. I'd recommend it.

Thanks for the breath of fresh air.

I love Simpsons references, btw. Almost every conversation I have at work begins with the words: "that reminds me of a line from the Simpsons."

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