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13 August 2009


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Oooo, I would like to read this one. Have you ever visited the Bone Church in Rome? Sadly I don't think it would make you feel peaceful and wonderful, but it is a heckuva place.

You're back! I hope you had a good vacay. I would love to hear what you think about this book; I think Peter Manseau is a super-talent.

I have never been to Rome or the Bone Church. I am sure it would be very unsettling and I shouldn't say as I've never actually seen that many bones...but I still think it might be kind of peaceful. I kind of feel that once the bones are all that's left perhaps the people that animated them are in a better place. Very fatalistic of me, I know. I would very much like to see that church.

It wasn't so much the relics that were making me feel peaceful; but this style of writing. I could tell a lot of thought and research went into it and reading things like that always makes me feel thoughtful and calm myself. Part of the reason I love NF.

Still on vacation, one more day!

Interesting thought about the calming influence of well researched (and presumably reasoned) writing. I hadn't thought of it, but you are right, there is something mentally healthy about taking a subject and really trying to understand it.

This sounds awesome! Crossing my fingers that my library has it. :D

I really enjoyed this book. If you DO like it, I would really still suggest Anneli Rufus's book on the same subject, which is really quite different, but also good. And of course I would suggest Manseau's memoir Vows, about his former priest and former nun parents. It's quite the story, and it's a well-written memoir too, which I always appreciate.

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