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07 August 2009


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I'm not a big movie watcher, but the parade scene is one of the most joyous pieces of art and to to know that Hughes recognized that we all have the ability to get together for one song is amazing.

No kidding. "Joyous" is the perfect word. And how great were the Beatles? The genius present in this one scene is humbling to watch, really. My favorite touch is the little kid holding his hands over his ears as everyone screams. Perfect. Props to Matthew Broderick for giving it his all, too.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off was the first movie I ever saw without an adult along. And I love love love Some Kind of Wonderful. And--yes, legend.

I love Duckie Dale best. Nothing cooler than the Duck Man.

Duckie! Oh gosh, a lip synching scene that rivals the one in Ferris Bueller! Try a little tenderness, indeed:

It makes me so sad to think this is where Jon Cryer started, and "Two and a Half Men" is where he had to go to make some money. You deserved better, Jon.

A legend indeed. 16 Candles...at the dance, Spandeau Ballet playing - priceless.

I agree, and have requested Sixteen Candles from the library. As a bonus I seem to remember it includes a very young John Cusack. And let's hear it again for John Hughes--I think he's even better than Cameron Crowe at assembling awesome soundtracks. (And Sixteen Candles was no exception.)

Thanks to all. I don't feel so bad for crying when I heard on the radio that Hughes had died. Not so much for Hughes (59, and a successful career aren't so bad a life) but for another piece of my past slipped away.

Well, Bert, I think we were all crying a little bit for both JH and ourselves. No shame in that. I'm off to pick up "Weird Science" from the library and watch it in his honor, as that's one of the few John Hughes flicks I haven't seen.

It's pretty funny, as I recall. The sexual tension between the hot model chyck and Anthony Michael Hall is palpable. Probably stronger than in most romantic comedies.

Does that make what's her name a cougar, or AMH playing young for his age? In any event, it's delicious. The bra headgear is all people remember, but there's so much more.

Having said that, it's not as good a movie as "Real Genius." That is one flippin' awesome nerd movie.

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