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14 August 2009


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Jazz hands!

Sigh. Saw a preview for The Blindside. While the book looks fantastic (I will definitely be reading it), the movie looks...aweful. I'm coming to loathe Sandra Bullock. Rich white woman rescues poor fat black boy. Maybe it was just the trailer, but it just looked cringe-worthy.

Um, that was supposed to be "awful." Bigger sigh.

If you are interested in lives of the saints, check out St. Margaret Clitherow, relative of Lectio. A good example of saints being just ordinary people who tried harder.

Jazz hands indeed!

No worries on typpos, Rachael, I make them all the time. I always liked Sandra Bullock myself, so I'm finding the idea of this movie very intriguing. The book was fascinating, but how they're going to turn it into a movie I just don't know.

Lectio's Mom!
Thank you for the suggestion. I do find saints' lives very interesting (I devoured those types of stories when I was little) so I'm going to check it out. Thank you!

"Men Who Stare" is one of Amy's favorite books. I'll let her know about the flick.

Ouch. Cobbler is I, Robert Brown.

Damn, now my secret web snark identity is known.

I guess now I'll have to kill you all.

It's nothing personal, you understand. I hope that helps.

I thought of you when I posted this; I know Amy was very fond of "Them," also by Ronson, as well.
You can always post here as Cobbler, you wouldn't have had to come clean, I wouldn't have minded. Pseudonyms don't bother me a bit.
Citizen Reader

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