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25 September 2009


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CR, I love Oscar Wilde, but I know he's not for everybody. Hi complete works accompanied me to Morocco in college and lasted me almost the entire trip. (Yeah, it was a bit trippy to read him in the desert.) Try reading his stories for children--The Happy Prince and The Selfish Giant are outstanding. Even better, rent Wilde and watch Jeeves read them to children (no Wooster, sorry).

I just saw this last week on another blog and immediately put it on the top of my TBR list, but your review makes me want to put it on hold right now! :)

I'm a huge fan of Wilde's fairy tales and plays, but I just read Dorian Gray for the first time last month and was not impressed. So if DG is your first taste of Wilde, be sure to give him another chance!

Oh, I don't need to know his writing--I like him. I don't think it was probably easy to be his wife and kids but any man who surrounds himself with books is going to appeal to me. I will rent Wilde, thanks, I LOVE me some Stephen Fry. Love him the most with Wooster, of course, but am quite fond of him by himself. Thanks for the suggestion!

Yes, I really liked it. It was scholarly but a very easy read; complete with short chapters, which I tend to like in my nonfiction.

It's not that I'm not liking Dorian Gray; I just may not be in the mood to listen to it. Also wish I knew more about it. Sure wish I'd taken some more lit classes in school. Oh well...I think there's a movie of The Picture... coming out, so maybe I'll just rent that too!

I loved the movie Dorian Gray - so it's OK to skip the book?
Anyway, if you haven't already flipped thru Alphabet Juice, Mr. Blount comments on the Marquess and Mr. Wilde thing in the 'Q' section.

I read the first half of The Man Who Loved Books Too Much on the plane last night and was completely absorbed. A book for book lovers of all kinds. Great narrative nonfiction.

And I loooove Wilde (and books obviously) so this is now officially on my list.

sidenote: Wilde's tombstone is amazing to visit. It's in Paris, right around the corner from Jim Morrison and Moliere, and it's got a huge Adonis-like carving on it. Admirers kiss the stone and thus there are thousands of lipstick prints all over it. It's incredible. Just thought I'd share ;)

Thank you--I'd never heard of "The man Who Loved Books Too Much," and now I'm going to go get it as soon as possible!!

Very cool about Wilde's tombstone--I knew it was in Paris but I didn't know where, really. Now I have a much better picture of it! Interestingly enough, James Dean's gravestone in Indiana is much the same way--absolutely covered in lipstick marks.

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