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16 September 2009


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Sounds clever... too clever. As a writer, and one who has come up with his share of "concept books," I can only add to what you've already written the following bon mot: nyeh. (I am a wit par excellence, do you not agree? Of course you do, darling. Now where'd I put that Martini.)

Auction catalogs, true story: at my old store in Columbus, somebody sold to us two auction catalogs, one for Jackie O. I paid a very modest amount for them because I thought they had a certain kitsch quality, but nothing extraordinary. One of my erstwhile colleagues, who has an avaricious streak (Seriously, people, retail workers remember EVERYTHING you've done to us, and when we get a chance to stick it to you, we do. Oh hell yes we do.) checked the value of the books online, and priced them quite a bit higher than I anticipated.

About a month after I bought the Jackie O book, some dude plops it down on the counter. He asked if the price were correct. Surprised by the high price, and chagrined at how little I had acquired the item for, I said to him: Yup. He bought the book, and the store made out like a bandit. I regret nothing.

Ahhh, auction books.

Bert, my favorite wit,

You are wearing a smoking jacket when you type these comments, right?

Yeah, too clever for me by half. Turns out I like my humor a little less subtle. Cheeky, even.

How cool that you got to turn around some auction catalogs. You had to know the Jackie O was going to be a hot little number, I'll bet. (What IS the fascination with Jackie O?) Good on you for having the eye to buy it. I'll hope there was a bonus in it for you but I'm guessing there wasn't. Next time I attend any book sales I'll keep an eye out for auction catalogs, based on your fabulous tip. Thank you!

p.s. retail workers remembering everything...tee hee...hell yeah we do! There's several people in town here who are going to be very sorry if I ever run into them in a non-work setting...bwah ha ha. (That's my evil laugh, by the way.)

so. i finally just read this, and absolutely loved it. but of course, i'm a very visual person, loving photography books, graphic novels and film in particular. i also love when people experiment, and getting a story tangentially from implied actions or consequences is very interesting to me.

i totally understand this being a book where someone could say, "interesting, but not for me", but in this case, it was very much for me.

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