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17 November 2009


I did indeed love this, but that's because I have an affinity for comics and a curiosity about science. I'm far from being a scientist, but jetpacks and rockets are fun for me to ponder.

I'm reading Her Fearful Symmetry starting today, so as promised I shall report back.

I just finished Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn which was a fun, fast disturbing read, and The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate which was incredibly charming and a nice break from the darkness of my normal book pile. Although the latter does involve Science, so beware ;)

Yes, Beth, I think an affinity for all comics, especially superhero ones, would be a help when reading this graphic novel. I still do like Fies, though, and I do prefer nonfiction graphic novels (like this and Fun Home, and the great "Fallout" by Jim Ottaviani) to their fiction counterparts. There's a big surprise!

Ooh, we'll have to race each other on "Her Fearful Symmetry." I just started it today!

Since you read this, I should ask: were you disconcerted by the same kid in each decade, not aging, until the last couple of decades, when he looked more like a teenager? Evidently I'm really a slave to the timeline; that really bothered me for some reason.

You'll almost certainly win the reading race. I'm less than 100 pages in, and I work tonight, but we shall see. I have Friday off, so I'm looking to finish it then.
And it was mildly confusing in the fist timeline shift, and then I simply adjusted, probably used to that sort of device in other stories I've read; particularly comics. I assume it's an homage of sorts. So it's not just you ;)

Thank you, Beth,
Evidently my little mind is just too literal and timeline-driven. This probably explains why I am not a big comics fan in general--the serial nature, for one thing, makes me NUTS. I like an ending, and I like getting to the ending.

You may still win the race--I've interrupted its reading by picking up Charles Finch's "the Fleet Street Murders," and the Finch book is winning.

I'm not in love with HFS but I'm not hating it either, so I'm going to see it at least half way through and see how I feel. It certainly has potential. For me anyway.

Then on to Eating the Dinosaur by Klosterman.

And your welcome.

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