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03 November 2009


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I hear you on the tone of these books. A lot of them have a Cartman-esque take your marbles and go home attitude. Rather than engage they would like to sit in their Upper West Side coffee shops and roll their eyes at the rubes.

Deer Hunting with Jesus, though, is awesome and it is that mix of empathy and frustration that makes it sing.

This looks like one of those books whose best feature is it's cover art. Also, the evolution/Dawkins comments made me laugh so hard my whole office is staring. Thanks for that.

I agree. I read it and laughed quite a bit a few times, but I couldn't help feeling that there were more and better examples of idiocy in our culture. Sometimes I got a bit bored, too, which is sad because I sped through it in one sitting.

I'd like to see a version of "Talk to The Hand" dealing with willful ignorance. Maybe Lynn Truss could write something called "Don't Confuse Me With the Facts."

Have you stepped outside recently? Watched the news? Actually spoken with anyone? You don't need to prove it with articles. People *are* stupid, and Americans in particular think it's cute. I've long believed that we're a nation of idiots, and your sentence--"I think a bigger problem is that very few people could probably tell you what the theory of evolution actually is"--proves why: because Americans are lazy. We're too lazy to read, too lazy to find out what evolution is. American idiocy is willful.

Fucking idiots, all of you.

I don't mind if they want to sit and roll their eyes, I just expect them to be more witty while they do so. This book definitely did not live up to its dust jacket promises of being "funny." I can't blame him; it's hard to do--that line between angry and funny is a tricky little bastard. The only person I've really seen who can nail both is Matt Taibbi, frankly, and perhaps he just does it through the use of lots and lots of profanity.

Glad you liked "Deer Hunting..." I actually feel like re-reading that one, if I can stand it.

Glad you enjoyed it. I hope the Dawkins comments weren't unduly offensive; I really don't like him so I have a hard time not taking the cheap shots where I can get them. :)

Yup, I could even have forgiven the evolution stuff, but I do not forgive boringness in humor books. Oh, Lynne Truss! Where is she these days? Now she knows how to do cranky.

Actually, you're getting pretty close to the magic combination of angry and funny. (See? It must be the profanity.) Taibbi, watch your back.
p.s. And no, a large part of my mental health regime is NOT watching the news. If it's any consolation, I don't think people worldwide are doing a whole lot of reading or figuring things out--they all have new electronic gadgets to shop for, figure out, play with, and then replace (all in the space of just a few months, I would guess).

Once a door-to-door religious zealot my bell and asked me if I believed in evolution or "God's creation". I said, "I believe in both...that God created evolution." The person was speechless; I quietly closed the door.

Priceless. I was very young when I heard my Dad wonder aloud about the creation in seven days scenario in the Bible--"how do we know how long God's days are?"--and I have never forgotten that.

Sometimes it's just nice to have an answer that you can live with, isn't it?

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