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28 January 2010


How about Requiem for a Dream or Deliverance or The Kindly Ones?

(dark humor)

When I worked at the library, every time I shelved the movie "Deliverance," I thought, hey, this is a classic, I should really take it home and watch it. And every time I shelved it instead--just couldn't do it.

You are evil, like the fruits of the devil! I love me some good dark humor but not the rest of this week, I don't think.

um, this one might be my fault. i know i listed it as one of my favorite books of the year, not because it's cheerful, but because her prose is absolutely gorgeous, and it's so quotable, i wish i had it on hand. so double recommendation from me.

i'm totally blanking on light reading right now however, as i have stephen king's under the dome in my lap.

Hey, I bet that's it! Thanks for the suggestion. I really have to start writing down what I'm ordering and why...although I know I'm not that organized.

No worries about light reading. I might go see what my library owns in the way of P.G. Wodehouse, and that will take care of that.

Hi, C.R.!

Here are my recommendations for funny reads which could also be light reads.

The Wishbones by Tom Perrotta about a group of guys in their twenties/thirties who are still trying to make it as a band. Very funny. I adored this book.

Last Days of Summer by Steve Kluger. Again, a very funny book about a smart ass kid who begins writing letters to a baseball player. Takes place in the 1940s so World War II is in there, too.

For a quick and wonderful light read (written for middle school kids but still highly recommended because it is so delightful)is Gary D.Schmidt's The Wednesday Wars. On Wednesdays, Holling's classmates either go to Hebrew or Catholic instruction leaving him alone with his teacher who makes him read Shakespeare. He knows his teacher hates him.

Regardless of what you choose to read, I hope it brings you joy.

I will not be reading this book. Just, will not. (If you want another bleak on try Losing the Garden, a memoir by a woman who basically let her husband commit suicide by mountain. Fascinating, but sad and frustrating.)

Jessica, you made me laugh. Requiem for a Dream (the movie) made me sick to my stomach; the last 5 minutes still haunt me.

Jen Lancaster always makes me laugh, especially the first 2/3 of Bitter is the New Black. Chelsea Cain's Confession's of a Teen Sleuth is also great--a satire of the Nancy Drew books, and a very fast read.

Thanks, Venta! I always appreciate the suggestions, although I think after "Little Children" I've been turned off Tom Perrotta forever. I don't know why. I just remember disliking that book intensely. But The Wednesday Wars sounds enchanting, and I always love a good quick YA read.

Yeah, I can't blame you. Before I knew too much about its subject matter I was already in too deep reading it, but holy cow, what a scary medical story. And, I think at your suggestion, I did try "Losing the Garden" just recently, but it was too sad--I had to take it back to the library. It was compelling though--some day I want to get it back.

Interesting about the movie "Requiem..." Sick to your stomach doesn't sound good but I did always want to see it. And thanks for your suggestions too!

Requiem is a really good movie but afterward I did feel like someone had poked me in the eyes with a fork for 2 hours.

As for light reading, I love Connie Willis, especially Bellwether and To Say Nothing of the Dog (although Passage and Doomsday Book were heavier). I also like funny personal essays, like Laurie Notaro's Idiot Girls books. I'm also a fan of the fun YA read and I just heard of one that looks fun: I am a Genius of Staggering Evil and I Want to be your Class President (http://www.amazon.com/Genius-Unspeakable-Evil-Class-President/dp/1595142401) although I haven't read it myself yet (boy, I hope I didn't hear about that book on here - that would be embarrassing!). I also love Sharon Shinn's YA fantasy - Truth Teller's Tale, Dream Weaver's Magic, etc.

We watched Requiem in college and afterward, we all had a group hug. Then we had to tell knock-knock jokes for about half an hour to try to bring our moods back up.

Seriously, though, have you read The Spellman Files? I love that series and they're all funny. Or you could read something like The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog - Mo Willems writes children's books, but it would be impossible to get through one and still be down afterward.

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