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12 January 2010


I bet NYC is the most written about city in the United States. I wonder what city would come second. In fiction, maybe Los Angeles, but in nonfiction, any guesses? If we counted celebrity tell-all books, maybe LA in nonfiction, too.

That's because it's the best city in the world, Venta! :)

LA is a strong guess, although not much is coming to mind because LA is emphatically not my type of city. No subway? What? It would be interesting to know what city comes second in sheer volume of literature--I'd also throw Chicago and Boston out as guesses, particularly when you take into account Chicago's gangster lore and Boston's history and role in the American Revolution.

Hi CR.,

Los Angeles does have a subway now. It is nothing compared to NYC, but it does exist.

Awesome! When did they build that? Clearly I need a good nonfiction book on recent history in LA.

The Metro lines in L.A. have been around since the early to mid-1990's. Did you ever see the movie "Speed"? It featured the LA subway. I have used it a few times, taking the train into Union Station and then hopping on a subway for a matinee at the Pantages Theater or to shop at Amoeba Records (a used record/cd store...another dying breed).

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