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17 February 2010


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I love bedtime too - totally the best part of everyday!

As for poetry, you could go to Poetry Daily (http://poems.com/) and just read a poem every day that way. Also, takes way less time than picking a book and reading the whole thing. You can read many different poets and maybe find someone you like that way and then track down more of their stuff. Anyway, just a suggestion!

It's Art to me - I know it when I see it. Can I crawl in mine now?


Thanks, as always, for the reading help! I do like the idea of a poem every day.

Ah, the know it when you see it rule. I join you in the wish to crawl to bed right now...soon, soon... :)

Well, not really. But I always did like haiku because it offered a form I understood. 5,7,5. Even I can remember that.

Happy Wednesday to you, too!

My cubicle
beige and cold
one more hour left
tick tock.

I hope that hour goes quickly, although I know from experience how seldom they do...

I love bed. I love hakui. Perfect. I have a poetry book checked out - Where Prairie Flowers Bloom by Yvonne Hollenbeck. I'm not a huge reader of poetry, so I'll see how this goes.

Great reader turning great writer?

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