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25 February 2010


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I'd like to read this book. I don't have BBC America, so I haven't seen his show. Some of the clips are up on Youtube though. Here he is hanging out with Morgan Freeman:


Thanks, Tripp!
I depend entirely on the library for my BBC programs (no cable), so I appreciate the YouTube clip. BTW, anybody thinking of getting cable for BBC America (which I would totally understand) should think twice--they edit a lot of their programs for time and commercials, meaning you're missing vital parts of programs like MI-5, which is totally bogus. Check out the DVDs from your library if they've got them!

Having lived in other parts of the world, I can state that the combination of aggression and sentimentality is not limited to or particularly unique among Americans. That said, my younger brother believes in Bigfoot. He also used to think that WWF wrestling was real. But he now conceeds that it is staged.

Have you ever read Bill Bryson's "The Lost Continent?". That is also a very funny travel book about the U.S.

Oh, I know that (about both aggression and sentimentality). I would guess both traits are on the rise globally, as a matter of fact, which is sad.

Actually, I felt a little bad for the Bigfoot guy. While I was perfectly on board with the dislike for aggression and sentimentality, I can't say believing in Bigfoot particularly bothers me. Why not? People believe in stranger legends, like how poor people should all be able to pull themselves up by their bootstraps.

I was actually wondering about Bryson's "I'm a Stranger Here Myself." I've not read "The Lost Continent" but maybe it's time I tried Bryson again.

I saw his series - the first thing I learned to tape on my new DVR. I loved it - Fry is full of churlish insights, and even better, sought out unusual locations and people to visit, (not just Mr. Sasquatch) and not just the usual tourist traps. You get the sense that he really enjoys the US - marveling at its gorgeous geography and its friendly people. Plus, he drives his black London cab the whole time. If you can't find it, you can come over my house and watch it.

I'm so glad you saw it! I've been getting my fill on YouTube clips, but if I'm ever seriously jonesing for some Brit TV you may find me on your doorstep, late at night, pleading "please let me in for some Stephen Fry viewing, guvnor?" :)

Oh, I can't WAIT to read this, although I am a little skeered of what he thought of my wonderfully kookie home state of Louisiana...

I love Stephen Fry. I used to long for BBC America, and then when I got it I still ended up waiting to get the danged DVDs. Sigh.

I haven't seen this show or read the book, though, so it's nice to have something to look forward to!

Of course, my memory being a sieve, I can't remember Louisiana, but I think he had nice things to say about Louisiana, and talked to a very interesting family from the Lower Ninth Ward who felt (rightly) that they were abandoned by the government after Katrina.

I love Stephen too, although I must admit I particularly love him paired with Hugh Laurie. It's time to watch "Jeeves and Wooster" again. I periodically still dream about BBC America, but paying for TV just isn't worth it, since I'm lucky and my library gets a ton of BBC specials on DVD.

He teamed up with Christopher Hitchens for a few debates...they were a great team & wiped the floor with the opposition.

Ah, that would make sense, as Fry is similar to Hitchens on the atheism scale. Did they do that on the program?

Thanks for the clip! I enjoy Craig Ferguson but boy is that guy strange. (My favorite was the clip from the 1991 game show, with a young Fry asking questions and a younger big-haired Ferguson answering.) Is he going to do the audience-less show thing very often? I found it kind of weird--never realized how much I enjoy hearing an audience chuckle along with a host!

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