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12 March 2010


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This book sounds pretty funny, and a nice break sort of book. I used to work at Target, which I can't imagine is as bad as The Big Fancy, but still awful. That website freaked me out too... too many skulls!

I really did enjoy it, in my easily amused sort of way. If you've worked any retail (Target certainly counts!) I think you'll get a charge out of it.

Yeah, I couldn't even read the stories on the website. Way too many skulls!

Come on up and we'll go to the Mall again. There are no more phones in Nordstrom. Nor is there Donna Karan lotion in the women's restrooms.

And you are definitely right about it being cheaper than buying a handbag. I just redeemed a $30 gift card at Nordstrom - of course, buying a handbag (on sale). Such a deal . . . but still had to shell out money.

No phones in Nordstrom? What's the point?

Yeah, handbags. Don't see the appeal myself. I'm still using my bookbag from college, but most of the time, just my coat pockets. I also refuse to buy pants without pockets, as that's where I have to keep my cash and cards. Purses always seemed like another thing to lose or have stolen to me.

Oh, man. I'm totally going to read that book when I'm on vacation. Thanks for the tip!

It'd be a great vacation read! Totally enjoyable. Kinda scary, but enjoyable.

I'm certainly gonna read this book! This is pretty hilarious!

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