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30 March 2010


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Oh CR, I agree with you. Jeff is smokin' hot. And the fact that he is not a tabloid fixture makes him that much more endearing to me. Plus, I loved his Dad, especially in "Airplane". I often quote the line, "I picked the wrong day to stop sniffing glue". Rent "The Fabulous Baker Boys". It is a good film.

Jeff Bridges was featured on t.v.'s Biography channel a few weeks back, and I caught the episode. It talked about his photography. The guy has had such a varied film career. He said that when people see him, they still shout, "the dude," from The Big Lebowski. I'll have to watch Baker Boys, too. According to the show, it was Jeff's idea to cast his older brother in the film. There wasn't much excitement about the idea until filming started.

"Airplane" - what a classic. How about the guy who kept tripping over the wires that lit up the runway.

Not only is he a smokin' hottie, he's got a great voice too. And I always liked Lloyd and Beau too. Now I have to re-watch "Airplane"!

Hmm, I may have to hunt that Biography down on YouTube. I can well imagine people still shout "the dude"--that was the role of a lifetime, really (although I also enjoyed John Turturro's super-bowler Jesus in the same movie). Why wouldn't they have wanted to cast Beau in TFBB, I wonder? It had to bring interesting dynamics, as true-life brothers playing brothers had to be quite the mind-twister.

And stop calling me Shirley! :) Definitely time to re-watch "Airplane."

Very talented photographer. He brings a lot of new angles and aspects into photos and really knows how to capture rare moments.

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