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11 March 2010


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To your list of depressing graphic novels, I'd like to add Laika, by Nick Abadzis. As a dog lover, I was actually wiping away the tears by the end. I'm not a big graphic novel reader, but have to say it was well done, although very sad.

CR, you should have worried when the cover of the book referenced "breaking all the rules." That's rarely a good sign. The good new is there are so many good, non-depressing graphic novels!

Have you read Torso by Brian Bendis? It is a true crime graphic novel, which I think you would like.

Mike Carey's Unwritten is very good too. It concerns the son of a JK Rowling like writer who lives off his resemblance to a character in his father's books. Then things get crazy.

Try those!

Thank you for the "Laika" suggestion! I don't mind sad, really, which is different from depressing, so I will try it. Although I have to spread my graphic novels out, I find. It'll be a few weeks before I'm ready to try another one!

Oh, I didn't mind the rule-breaking. And, as I mentioned, I did and still do love Ted Rall, so I'm not sorry I read it. But some upbeat GNs would probably be a nice add to my mix. Thanks for the suggestions! (I did like a graphic novel titled "Box Office Poison," but I forget who that was by. Kind of serious but still a fun read.)

Persepolis 1 and 2 are both somewhat saddening if not depressing, but they are still interesting reads. I couldn't put the first one down.

Maybe you should stop reading all these artsy high-brow things. Try something fluffy, or at least not too deep. I'm going to pick up Castle Waiting this evening (a twisted fairy tale concept, I gather) which is probably not going to be one of the most profound works in the canon of Western lit. Or how about Bone? I think you'd like Bone, really I do, since you liked The Belgariad. It's a straightfoward epic fantasy quest story.

Yes, "Persepolis," forgot about that. Also kind of a downer read, although I liked the art.

Only in this world would a graphic novel in which a man sleeps with women for a place to stay at night be considered artsy or highbrow. :) But I do appreciate the suggestions--I did used to enjoy Elfquest, so I will look into Bone. A nice straightforward fantasy epic would be a nice change.

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