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25 March 2010


Isn't it a treat when a book just makes you happy?

Thanks again for the suggestions!

Also, I don't usually buy personal copies of "librarian" books (I would buy more, but $!!!--I let the library shoulder the burden), but I think I'll be getting this one for myself.

I enjoyed reading Ben Yagoda's book, especially after our email exchange about autobiography and memoir. Not only was this book worth reading, I think it will help me in RA work on the library's collection.

Now if we only could get paid to read!

I love this post so much. I was thinking about our book discussion book yesterday (Year of Wonders, by Geraldine Brooks), and thinking how glad I am to have read Camus's The Plague, and some Samuel Pepys, and Thomas Nashe, and countless other books and bits of books, and how reading each of those things enriches your encounters with the other, and how much I wish I could all my time reading and writing and thinking and being in that state where things seem worthwhile instead of pointless. Sigh. I wish you the best of luck!

I read on my lunch hour today. I first started looking through a catalog for an office chair to put in my budget. But then I realized I was on lunch and I could look at office catalogs later.

It IS a treat, just like it's a treat to sometimes have time to read, and I am heartily grateful for it.
I never suggest these "professional" books for personal purchase--the best I hope for is that someone gets interested and suggests to their library that THEY buy it (I do this a lot--my fabo library has a very easy link to solicit "purchase recommendations.) It's a good book, and I'm proud to be part of it, but at $55? Uh, yeah, I'd suggest you ask your library to buy it instead. Don't tell on me. It's just that I know how personal economies in this tough old world work.

I can't wait to read the rest of the Yagoda! (Particularly since I never really cared for him before, his books seemed kind of dry to me.) I'll post more on this one later and we'll have to discuss!

I'm glad. Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in what you need to do to pay bills. Which is very, very important. But it shouldn't be one's only concern. What's a shame is as everybody fights a little harder to borderline survive, they lose time to read or do other leisure activities that might sustain and calm them. Ridiculous, in this day and age. Really, in the twenty-first century, I thought we would have come further.

Always wanted to read some Pepys (especially since Helene Hanff loves him). I know just what you mean about prior reading enriching later reading! It's beautiful. Where should I start with Pepys?

Good on you! Catalog duties is work duties, ma'am, not lunch fodder.

Say-- I think I wrote a chapter for that book, too, the one edited by Jessica and Kaite.

You did! And it's fantastic, as is your author bio. You funny. Did you get your free copy yet? Mine just came yesterday.

I loved Memoir: A History when I read it about a month ago. He did such a good job balancing out some of the dry stuff with the more interesting anecdotes, and I love the time he spend exploring the idea of truth and honesty in memoir. I think you'll like the rest of the book just as much.

I've only ever read bits and pieces of Pepys, although a few years back, someone started blogging his diary, which is kind of fun: http://www.pepysdiary.com/.

Another photography book you might fall in love with, Picturing the Promise, The Scurlock Studio and Black Washington. Somebody donated a copy to our library and I can't stop looking at it on the reference desk. Paging through this book on the desk counts as readers advisory right?

Great--I'm glad to hear you liked it too. I'm really looking forward to the rest of it!

Thanks for the Pepys link. It's not quite as glamorous as ordering used Pepys books from a London bookstore, as Helene Hanff did, but then, I'm not as glamorous as Helene Hanff. :)

Of course it counts. All reading/perusing you do on the desk counts. :) Thanks for the suggestion--you've never steered me wrong on photography yet!

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