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23 April 2010


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You tell those cheap bastards, CR! Have a good weekend!

Dear CR, You're the web crush of the week at the Library Journal Shelf Renewal blog!


I was excited to see one of my favorite blogs featured!
~Laura in MN

My pleasure. Stiglitz has won the Nobel Prize in economics, for pity's sake. If his book doesn't merit an index I don't know why any financial books do. (And have a great weekend yourself!)

Hey, thanks for the heads up! This is very exciting. I've never been anyone's "crush" in any way--I pretty much started out as Mr. CR's old ball-and-chain. Super cool! (And thanks for your kind words too--I'm proud to be one of your favorites!)

Hi CR,

I checked out your kudos at the library journal. I had to smile at this: “(this is) the web to follow if you're interested in readable nonfiction or if you need to know it for your patrons”.

I am not terribly interested in nonfiction and not a librarian. And yet I still love your blog! I really like the lively discussions and the fact that you ALWAYS respond. On some other blogs…you don’t know if they ever read your post or if they even care.


Can I let you in on a secret? The comments are my favorite part of the blog. I love the conversations and I appreciate the time and thought everyone puts into their comments. I always learn something, which I also appreciate. And who doesn't respond in a conversation? That would just be weird. :)

Thanks for the kudos, and thanks for reading the blog, especially if you're not terribly interested in NF!

And I have now put Bellfield Hall on hold! :)

I can't believe Norton cheaped out on the index!!! If I were Stiglitz, I'd have hired some cheap grad students to do it, if nothing else.

I'm still a little stunned, frankly. Major author, major publisher, and still no index? And he wouldn't have had to hire grad students either (although even that would have been better). Indexers are, like many freelancers right now, not upping their rates so they can keep business. Norton and Stiglitz could have found a professional at a reasonable price.

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