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20 April 2010


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I started as a childrens libn in the mid-80s with all of the gifted Yuppie puppies. ALL gifted. No exceptions. Which is why they aren't so much into effort and discipline (from what I hear; I don't know too many) now?

so something that actually IS up your alley....
i read about it today and thought it looked like something for you.
but i second reading outside your comfort zone/areas of interest. you never know what treasures you'll find out there.

Loved it. I found the section on fighting with teenagers really helpful. That's what I liked best, that the book covered all ages of kids. I also shared the part about language acquisition with my cousin, whose 18-month-old (!) doesn't seem to have much speech yet at all. Hopefully it might help.

Oh, Sarah,
All librarians have been there (with "gifted" children). I used to get a charge out of it when people would wander up to the ref desk at 8 p.m. on a Friday night and tell me their 4th grader was reading at a 9th grade level, and they needed challenging reading without challenging content. I always wanted to reply, "Yeah, you know where reading ahead of your grade level gets you? Working behind a ref service desk at 8 p.m. on a Friday night. Tell your kid to work on math." But I never did. *Sigh.* Which is why the IQ chapter was interesting--turns out all sorts of gifted kids aren't, and non-gifted kids are. There's also lots about discipline (or lack thereof).

I'm off to check out the Amazon link. Thanks for thinking of me! Yes, I know you read broadly too, and I always appreciate the wide-ranging topics and titles you bring to the discussion.

Yeah, I really liked it too. I also enjoyed the teen chapter, and thought it might actually give parents some solace. And I did like that there were some practical, easy suggestions, particularly in that chapter on language acquisition (which I find is kind of a fascinating subject anyway). Glad you loved it!

It was REALLY bad in the 80s, though, and I admit to being pleasantly surprised these days with how few times I hear this.

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