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28 April 2010


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Wasn't my suggestion, since I haven't read it yet-- but it had been on my TBR, and after reading this post, I've gone and placed the hold on it.

I also find graphic memoirs to be bleak. I loved Fun Home and liked Stitches, but they don't exactly leave you with warm fuzzies.

For a nonfiction GN that won't make you want to jump off a bridge, try Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics. I actually OWN MY OWN COPY of this one, that's how good it is. McCloud does a superb job of explaining what comics are and why people like them, and he does it in graphic novel format. It's a graphic novel about graphic novels!

And-- I'll never give up on my quest to recommend fiction you'd like, never-- I really, really, really, really, really think you might enjoy the Bone series, by Jeff Smith.

No, Lesbrarian, you are right. Both Stitches and Fun Home were interesting books, good books to read, but wow, NOT uppers.

I hate to rain on your parade (normally I'm a rainer but I like you and your parades, so it really does kind of hurt me) but I have read Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics, and actually used it and recommended it as a textbook when I taught a class called "Reading Interests of Adults." It was great at explaining comics, and how and why they work. The trouble was...I just don't care that much how comics work. I should, but like most visual topics--interior design, fashion, colors that match--it's like a foreign language to me and I can just either go on appreciating without understanding, or make myself nuts. I have chosen the former.

I have always wanted to read the Bone series, and will put it on the ol' TBR list for this summer. Thank you!

Summer's drawing to a close. (Thank. God.) Have you read Bone yet?

Anyway, I did go and read Logicomix:

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