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15 April 2010


I officially want this book! I got 'The Intellectual's Devotional' for Christmas a couple of years ago, but didn't manage to actually read the one little page or so of it every day. I probably wouldn't with this one, either, but it would be a fun almost-reference book to have.

You know, I don't even think it's fun to read it every day. I've just had it laying around and while I wait for the computer to boot or something on the stove to boil over, I just flip through a few pages at random. It's really just a great source for classic books that you probably always meant to read but never got around to, or, if you're a librarian, it's a really nice reminder about classics others might like. I just read the entry for Salman Rushdie's "Midnight's Children," which I can promise you I'm never going to read (I've tried and just can't do it), but at least now I have a little better idea of what it's about.

Hm, "The Intellectual's Devotional." Sounds kind of interesting. Did you like it?

I wonder if she's somehow related to Nora Ephron.

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