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14 May 2010


I didn't read Palin's first book, but I read your review, CR. Could she have that much more meaningful stuff to say so soon? I have to admit I couldn't read the whole article about Palin in the New York magazine. It was too painful - even though I was on the reference desk when I started reading it.

I got through the Palin article but now I feel that I must take to my bed.

Did she have any "meaningful" stuff to say the first time around? My guess is that they are just looking to capitalize on cash flow while the getting is good. Very meaningful.

Sorry, Bybee,
I felt a little like I had to take a shower after it, but I must admit I felt the whole article was worth it for the Levi Johnston interview, where he admits he's in it for the money, why wouldn't he be? Gotta love that kind of honesty.

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