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18 May 2010


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glad you liked it, can't wait to hear what you think about the neighborhood one. p.s. got your book at Sequoya! can you come in and sign it for us :)

Yeah, I have trouble with lowering the bar . . . I'd ask for sane, single, and solvent as well. Picky picky picky!

I'm listening to this book in the car while commuting (on the last CD now) and thoroughly enjoying it.
While I wasn't raised Mennonite, my mother's side is Mennonite (my grandma was a Wiebe) and I'm familiar with many things about it, and curious about others.

Thanks again for the suggestion. I got a real kick out of this one. And, I would love to come sign the book for you! Do I have to sign it as myself, or can I sign "Bill Clinton," the way I do in all wedding and other guest books?

I'd say sane, single, and solvent are three very important characteristics. You stick with 'em, tiger!

Yes, it's very interesting. Does the author herself read it? I'm rather curious about how this book would be to listen to--is it easy to keep the thread of what she's saying? It really reminded me more of a book of essays, and I don't listen to many essays on tape.

No, she didn't read it herself. The narrator was Hillary Huber and the voice was a good fit.
I didn't have trouble following it exactly, but it was a bit choppy. I think that was because she moved back and forth between "the present" like visiting her sister and another trip with her parents, and recollections of the past. I wasn't sure of the order of things exactly or how much time had passed.

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